Important Factors To Consider When Shopping For Golf Shoes

Although golf shoes are not a requirement on all golf courses, they can be a big advantage when playing on the green. They provide extra support and comfort while you navigate around the course. Taking into consideration that an average player would take 4-6 hours to finish 18 holes and have to walk approximately 4 miles per course, wearing firmly supported shoes is an absolute must.

There is a wide variety of shoe styles available in the market today, and you must be knowledgeable of the pros and cons of each style so you’ll know what fits your game best. The most important factors to consider when shopping for a golf shoe include the types of shoes available, the materials used in making the shoe and the price you’re willing to spend. You can purchase a good pair of shoes at golf retailers, sporting goods shops, department stores, as well as through online pro shops.

Types of Golf Shoes

Golfers now have a wide array of options when it comes to picking shoes for their game. As golf footwear continues to progress through modern technology and increases in popularity, various styles have been developed for the consumers to revel in.

Classic Golf Shoe

Golf ShoesThe classic golf shoe remains to be the most popular shoe style among amateur and professional golfers. This shoe offers breathability, traction, comfort, and water resistance. Classic shoe designers continue to expand their design options, from the regular white to a fuller range of styles and colors.

Golf Boot

Golf boots have just been recently released into the market. They are meant to hold up to severe environmental conditions and to be 100% waterproof. They are also intended to provide warmth during the colder days.

Golf Sandal

If you often play in hot climates, a golf sandal can be a terrific option. It is extremely breathable, lightweight and, not as constricting as a typical golf shoe. Golf sandals are more cost-effective than traditional golf shoes; however, sandals don’t have the ability to protect your feet against external influences like terrain issues and severe weather conditions.

Materials Used

When choosing a golf shoe, it is essential that you understand the kinds of materials used in each style and how they can affect your performance.

Leather and Synthetic Leather

Leather has always been the most common material used to form the exterior part of the shoe. This material is well-known for its flexibility and the comfort it provides to the wearer. Leather is typically waterproof and breathable, making it a good option for the hot summer season.


Golf ApparelUsing polyester material as a lining is one of the most inexpensive ways to build a good golf shoe. However, a polyester lining does not offer the same quality and not nearly as sturdy as leather. It produces lighter and thinner golf shoes compared to other materials.


The Gore-Tex material is thick, durable, and entirely waterproof. As such, it is an excellent choice for golfers who play in a cold environment. Although it’s heavy-duty, Gore-Tex is still breathable and can keep your feet comfortable throughout the game.


Spikes were previously made with metal but since they have been known to damage the greens, they are now prohibited on almost all golf courses. Presently, plastic has replaced metal spikes and this innovation has been proven successful. Plastic spikes are far gentler on the green and also more lightweight.


Golf clubPeople looking for the best pair of golf shoes will find that there is a sizeable range when it comes to prices. The cost of shoes varies widely depending on the features constructed into the shoe and the quality of the material being used. While it’s important to shop within your means, wearing high quality shoes when playing has been proven beneficial in improving your game.

With so many shoes displayed on every retailer’s shelf, it can be quite confusing to choose. Don’t hesitate to contact in case you need assistance in buying the perfect golf shoe for your game.