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Have you ever wondered when military services began issuing military coins and for what purpose? Well, there is no certain way to prove how these coins were invented but there’s one popular story about the American pilot who was captured by the French during World War II. Before his execution, the pilot presented a coin given to him by a senior officer to prove that he is not a spy. After that, the French officers verified his identity and found out that the man is telling the truth. This is how the pilot survived and why military coins are used even today.

With the main purpose of identifying co-members within the military service or government organization, challenge coins have stood the test of time. Until the very day, these coins are used to represent a military unit, government department, organization, or company. So if you are also looking for a reliable manufacturer that can give you quality coins, is here to help you. Through the years, the company is always able to provide what the customers exactly need at competitive prices.

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Rules in Using Challenge Coins

A challenge is initiated by holding the coin or putting it in the bar table or floor. Another way to state a coin check is accidentally dropping your coin, making a clear sound for those who are present at the bar. Usually, as a response, the individuals involved in the challenge will draw their coins in the same manner. If you’re being challenged but unable to present a coin, you will have to buy drinks for those who’ve successfully completely the check.

On the other hand, if you fail to buy them drinks, you will be required to turn over your coin to the agency that issued it to you. Always remember that a coin check can be done anywhere and anytime, and that’s why you should carry your coin at all times. For the exceptions, you’ll wish there are exemptions from coin checks but unfortunately there’s none. So you need to comply with the rules or else have yourself penalized.

How People Used Challenge Coins during the Early Days

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Back in the days, challenge coins keep military units intact and safe from foes or spies. During meetings, members are obliged to present their coins in order to verify their identities and sort out suspicious guests attending the conference. The coins are checked by both parties to prevent infiltration by spies. That way, military meetings are kept safe from any potential harm. Such tradition is practiced since then to also honor the incredible performance and achievements of military members.

One of the oldest origins known when it comes to the first use of challenge coins is the “10th Special Forces Group”. And now,

US Presidents and other government officials bear challenge coins to determine authority. This is how important military coins are for the involved parties. And with the growing availability of coins manufacturers in the country, one great option for you is If you want to receive premium coins with custom designs, this is the right site to visit.

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