Portable Storage Containers for a Better World

Portable storage containers are no longer just for storage of shipments and cargoes. They now have a bigger role in making the world a better place. Some of these containers now provide homes for people in places that have been devastated by calamities or schools for places where building materials and equipment cannot possibly reach. Here are other ways that portable storage containers are used for other than its intended use:

1. As mobile hospitals –

Some people in the poorest countries in the world do not have access to hospitals and other kinds of treatments that hospitals offer. People suffer through diseases, outbreaks, and other health problems and even die just because the nearest hospital is thousands of miles away. Storage containers can be made into mobile hospitals or clinics so that the poor people in these remote places can have access to medical care. These can also be used to transport medical supplies, and medical volunteers to the places that need them the most.

Mobile hospitals made from portable storage containers are big enough to house x-rays and other machines that people are available in hospitals. Some are big enough to become makeshift outpatient operating rooms so that the people won’t have to travel far just to get surgery.

Mobile hospitals are also beneficial to those who cannot walk or travel due to lack money of transportation. In areas devastated by war or by calamities, travelling is a luxury that most people cannot afford. Portable hospitals can bring them medical care without having to shell out money just to get to them.

Portable Storage container

2. As makeshift playgrounds –

A happy childhood includes a lot of play. Sadly, there are some places where playgrounds, just like hospital care are scarce. The children in war torn countries and remote poor areas need as much play as those in urban cities. In fact, they need it more than most children to reignite their sense of fun and take their mind away from the devastation that they experienced.

Storage containers can be made into playgrounds and daycare centers to give children a safe place where they can play and have fun. They can be made into a playhouse or a pirate ship which can inspire children’s imagination. They can be put together to make small schools and daycare centers where child care providers can teach and care for the children while the parents are away.

Storage containers are cheap alternatives to creating expensive buildings that the governments usually say they have no funds for. Containers can also be converted into gymnasiums to help children get into sports and away from drugs. So many uses from something so simple as portable storage containers.

3. As sustainable food plant and crop growing facility –

In most urban cities, there is little place for people to actually grow their own crops. These cities are crowded with buildings and housing projects left and right making very little room for gardens and other places to plant. A storage container can be modified to look like a greenhouse or a plant growing facility to be placed on top of buildings and anywhere where there is a 20 – 45 foot long open parking space.

Once in place, the storage container can be used to grow organic food and other crops and lessen community’s dependency on processed, pesticide laden food. It might seem like a small step but it actually has a big impact on the health and well-being of urban cities.

Storage Container

4. As a portable toilet and bath –

Those small coffin-like portable toilets are no match for portable toilets and baths repurposed out of storage containers. These offer much bigger space and are just as portable as those tiny portable toilets.

In some places, these portable toilets and baths made from storage containers are used by non-profit organizations to give homeless people a place where they can clean and groom themselves without being turned away as in the case of most establishments. They are simply plugged into fire hydrants or other sources of water and they are good to go.

5.  As temporary shelters –

For places that have been devastated by wars and calamities, storage containers can be an alternative housing facility for people who have been displaced. Unlike open refugee camps, portable storage containers converted into temporary shelters can provide more privacy for the victims of the disaster so they won’t have to look like cramped sardines in a refugee camp. This also lessens the spread of diseases and illnesses that usually arise after war or calamity. This also gives volunteers like medical teams and non-profit organizations a good place to stay while they are performing their good works.

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